Business Ethics

Workers Consultation Program

Workers Consultation is a collaborative process between the Management and workers to achieve a common outcome that is beneficial for both organization and workers from OHS perspective.

Belcher Roofing Safety Director conducted a fall protection tool box talk at a Temple University project in Philadelphia


Small and medium enterprises or even larger organization treat health and safety inspections as dreadful comprehensive rules and if there is a smallest violation/non compliance, business might get sanctions/restrictions etc. at the same time, without any doubt there are certain reasons to pay attention to workplace safety.

In 2013, 1134 people were killed and another 2500 got injured in Rana Plaza Incident in Bangladesh. Similarly in 2015, it is estimated that each week 93 individuals got killed on job and 3% of them had been seriously harmed or got sick. By conducting a proper investigation it was found that most of these deaths and injuries were preventable

Workplace safety programs have been in place since long and safety professionals have been monitoring and managing it, but there was more needed to control the incidents.

Workers Consultation Programs:

It is human nature to get involved in things and have a say in something and workers are no different. Humans intend to cooperate and willingly get involved more if they consider that their voice is being heard and taken into consideration.

Workers are the once,, who are involved in workplace most of their time and they have the most know how of the operations, hazards from them and how it can be  controlled without disturbing the operation. This type of understanding and knowledge of hazards might not be considered in any controls or training conducted by management so it can be utilized somehow to contribute positively.

Adopted by multiple customers, this is a free and voluntary consultation program that is designed to assist organization to identify and mitigate the workplace hazards causing reduction in serious injuries and deaths related to workplace hazards.

Workers consultation and participation has become part of ISO standard (ISO 45001-2018 – Clause 5.4).

There are certain type of customer compliance requirements that ask organization to develop a joint workers councils for this purpose.

The workers consultation is sought in below mentioned areas:

  • Consultation in case of defining policies of organization
  • Suggestion schemes
  • Use of new materials
  • Reviewing the current safety arrangement and opportunism of improvements
  • For training and development
  • Workplace or working methods changing
  • Safety performance evaluation
  • Participation in hazard and risk assessments
  • Incident/accident investigation – that show, actually what, how, where, when the incident happened
  • To share roles and responsibilities of workers
  • To share legal and standard compliance requirements

In most of the countries workers consultation and participation is sought through labor unions, trade unions etc.

Means of Workers consultation:

Workers consultation and participation can be encouraged through various means as follows:

  • Labor Unions (Collective Bargaining Agents)
  • Formal meetings
  • Suggestion and complaint boxes
  • Training sessions
  • Tool box talks
  • Internal audits interviews

How Consultation and Participation is Encouraged:

  • Maintain a proper and continues channel of communication with workers
  • Make time and resources availability
  • Conduct employees satisfaction surveys
  • Involve leadership
  • Keep things simple
  • Communicate benefits of consultation and participation
  • Hold managers accountable

How to achieve outcomes:

  • Establish OHS committee including workers and management
  • Install suggestion boxes
  • Training and development
  • Include OHS in management meetings
  • Share outcomes of OHS performance with workers

Through workers consultation and participation an organization can comfortability achieve it OHS objectives and targets and bring real time improvements.

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